Marginalization of Canada’s ‘Anglosphere’ was placed on political steroids the moment Justin Trudeau was declared prime minister of Canada.

by Brad Salzberg

October 6, 2023

It is with grim irony that a poorly understood social dynamic has come to encapsulate Canadian society under the auspices of the Liberal Government in Canada.

The concept of subterfuge has for centuries played a critical role in public perception of political parties, and their leaders. In 2023, our federal government are dedicating themselves to a program of societal transition.

It’s the reason why measures such as matching housing supply with immigration intake to Canada remain incongruous. More than a few media articles of late speak of an inability for young Canadians to purchase homes.

‘More Canadians Giving On Owning A Home, Say It’s Only For The Rich”

“The Ipsos Poll conducted exclusively for Global News further suggests two-thirds of Canadians have given up on ever owning a home. That number has also risen since the spring.”

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