Media consistently use Canada’s most controversial social issues to decimate the Conservative Party’s chances of winning federal elections.

by Brad Salzberg

October 5, 2023

Political strategy in Canada isn’t what it used to be. Within government-enforced “post-modern” society, the role that mainstream media play in partisan politics is poorly understood.

It involves a transition which should be comprehended by Canadians of all backgrounds, but isn’t. We speak of media’s relationship with government, which over the past decade has undergone a profound transformation.

In basic terms, Canada’s federal government now “owns” our media institutions. Not in name; not on a technical basis, but rather in terms of funding. Time was when hard-copy news production and related advertising foot the bill for mainstream Canadian press and the publishers/editors guiding their output.

Those days are gone, replaced by federal government funding in the main. A logical outcome is not difficult to recognize. Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Pierre Poilievre has some choice words on the matter. He says if elected PM, he will cancel federal funding for the CBC.

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  1. And meanwhile important talking points such as available food, housing and avoiding nuclear annihilation given our direct involvement in killing Russians are completely irrelevant, huh? It’s no different up here than it is south of border; they have been playing that game forever and then some.