from The Trumpertairian

BREAKING: #UkraineList top names who have allegedly been stealing our tax dollars in the largest money laundering operation of all-time, per top Ukrainian official”

Joe Biden $92M
Mitch McConnell $89M
Nancy Pelosi $86M
Chuck Schumer $66M
Lindsey Graham $82M
Mitt Romney $71M
John Cornyn $41M
Adam Schiff $62M
Dan Crenshaw $20M
Elizabeth Cheney $77M
Kevin McCarthy $42M
Jamie Raskin $38M
Mike Pence $61M
Greg Pence $17M
Rick Scott $63M
Hakeem Jeffries $74M
Ilhan Omar $33M
Elizabeth Warren $42M

This is an ALLEGED COPY of the list that has been provided to me… It is a fraction of the over $100 billion we have sent to Ukraine but it is still THEFT of our tax dollars and a substantial amount of money. Recipts coming. This needs to be shared FAR AND WIDE before the military industrial complex and govement tries to shut it down.



  1. Would be nice if we could see the report on ours as well; see how many on both sides of the aisle at the House of Idiots are collecting kickbacks (considering how it gets unanimous support from both sides of the aisle).

    It’s amazing how easy it is to support something that is against the wishes of the population when you profit from it, huh?