by Jon Rappoport


October 5, 2023


You’re the mayor of a town. Population 45,000.

You’ve lived there all your life. So you know the place and the people.

The town pretty much runs on meritocracy. People start their own businesses. People are employed by local companies and do their jobs. There’s very little fat—not many employees sitting around doing nothing. Your own office and the offices of local government are a bit of a different story. There are do-nothings who sit at desks and move meaningless paper around and dream up useless projects. So you eliminate those jobs. Some of the useful projects headed up by the city government could be handled in the private sector. You know which companies could carry that load. You know the owners. They’re not overly greedy. They don’t absurdly jack up their prices and fees. They’re effective people. So you transfer these projects to them—which means they’ll be hiring local people and paying them salaries. You do a survey of public utilities. They’re operating effectively. They’re not full of waste and rot, nor are they polluting land, water, or air.

Now you take a good look at the two or three poverty-stricken neighborhoods. You don’t favor keeping these residents on the dole for the rest of their lives. So you meet with business owner friends of yours and cook up projects they’ll lead to train and employ as many of these residents as possible. The projects are real and they’re streamlined. They have nothing to do with infusing people with pride or improved self-image. They train people for actual jobs. With local companies who have figured out ways to make more money and employ these low and no income people at the same time. These training and employment projects will actually work. Poverty will be reduced. More people will be employed. Now you go to your friends on the police force and take a good look at crime in the city. What does that picture look like? Who are the people committing those crimes. Are there gangs? What’s actually going on? Is there police brutality or corruption? You want to sort all this out. You want less crime. You want criminals in prison and innocent people not in prison. Your friends running the police department and the local DA’s office pretty much want that, too. Achieving these goals is possible, because your objectives are clear and your friends in law enforcement are basically decent people. It’s matter of putting resources in the right place and doing effective work.

That’s the picture. You’re the mayor. You’re sensible. You want local people to succeed. You don’t want top heavy government. You don’t want people living on the dole. You want to help people get real jobs. You want less crime.

…You’re succeeding. Your first few years in office are yielding actual results. Things are going well.

BUT THEN, out of the blue, something happens.

All of a sudden, a lot of new people are moving into town.

Where is this coming from?

You find out it’s coming from a federal immigration program, and most of these immigrants are ILLEGAL. You also find out that, on a state level, some sort of weird relocation program is underway. People from other cities in the state are being moved into your city.

And within a few months, your city is on the ropes. Crime is way up. Public schools, which were teaching the basics to kids, are now crime ridden and drug ridden and the teachers can’t teach the new kids. Unemployment is up. People living on state and federal welfare are on the rise. Your local government and local law enforcement aren’t equipped to deal with all this.

Your city was working. It was a success. Now it isn’t. The state and the feds are offering you money to build public housing for many of the new residents. You know this would be a disaster. You’ve seen it fail in other cities. You’re also being offered state and federal money to expand the size of your local government. For what purpose? To give people meaningless jobs? To hire know nothings and do nothings? To promote social causes? You don’t want that money.

You meet with state officials. You say to them: ARE YOU TRYING TO DESTROY MY CITY? BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE DOING. They don’t seem to understand. They’re a different breed. They’re involved in a gravy train. Their reply to you is: THIS IS REALITY. LEARN TO COPE WITH IT.

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