Heritage has little if anything to do with a massive promotion of Heritage Months in Canada.

by Brad Salzberg


October 4, 2023

Canada is a country awash in “Heritage Month” celebrations. There’s so many that it wouldn’t be surprising if the Liberal government of Canada added a 13th month to our calendar year to accommodate further expansion.

There’s Black History Month, Asian Heritage Month, along with similar tributes to Sikh, Hindu and Indigenous communities. Holy Cow– Canada’s hyper-political correctness even allows for a Bangladesh and Tamil History Months.

In contrast, we point to an additional community whose predecessors were the most influential of all: Anglo-British immigrants to Canada. From these roots sprang forth our fundamentals: democracy, jurisprudence, legislative process, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, habeas corpus, rule-of-law, and other staples of western democratic governance.

Days dedicated to Anglophone-Canadian heritage? Nothing. Not a single form of tribute or official statement of recognition exists for the historical community which most profoundly impacted Canadian heritage and national identity.

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