“The Indian[government] sign an MOU(memo of understanding) with RCMP in 2020, but nothing changed as the Justin Trudeau government continued to provide safe haven to Khalistanis for vote bank politic

by Brad Salzberg


October 3, 2023

According to the Hindustan Times, when Indian security agencies approached  Canadian counterparts with information about Khalistanis taking shelter in their country in 2015, Ottawa replied with the following:

“They could not receive intelligence from India as there was no institutionalized mechanism and that intelligence was not evidence.”

“In line with FBI-RCMP protocol, the Indian[government] signed an MOU(memo of understanding) with RCMP in 2020, but nothing changed as the Justin Trudeau government continued to provide safe haven to Khalistanis for vote bank politics.” 

A fascinating piece of intel it is, via Hindu-oriented media in India. It appears logical. After all, it was less than a year ago that claims began to bubble up regarding foreign election interference, this time allegedly at the hands of the government of China.

Under PM Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” media structure(neo-communist in orientation), what our press omit is often more relevant than what reaches Canadian eyeballs.

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  1. Thankfully, the Indian media is doing their job and are reporting on what the heck has been going on. We’re getting more truth about the Indian debacle and even what’s going on here in Canada (rat-infested housing, for instance, they brought that up when talking about our deteriorating conditions… and no I wasn’t talking about the House of Idiots, which is a natural first thought of what I brought up). Thanks to them, any chance being informed about how badly this dictatorship has messed things up is possible. Each day that goes by they keep this wound open with another piece of information. They are being careful and quite smart about this, unlike what happened over here, which is a textbook example of why you should never let stupid run things:
    – You do not make unsupported accusations against another government though a public channel like that. Are you trying to start an international conflict as a distraction for your attempted genocide of the entire country? You have not produced an ounce of proof, named a suspect, made an arrest, any of that. It does not help you been using this (former) country as a dumping ground for the many terrorists from India while getting kickbacks from guys like Najjar.
    – You do NOT go ahead and pre-emptively expel diplomats, especially on wild accusations with nothing backing it up. You started this ball rolling by neglecting every warning and piece of info. India sent your way and the whole thing is going to end in disaster. India’s response to remove diplomatic immunity from 2/3 of your staff in India is a very fair and appropriate response, not just that it’s an oversized staff, but it’s still a suitable response. It is curious that they did not expel them, but simply told them their status was being revoked and they should leave. Something tells me there is a LOT of dirt on these guys and they will likely be arrested for something they did if they remain.

    Potato dictator is eventually going to have to go on TV and perform another fake apology over this one (You know, like, months after it should have been done, after hiding in it’s crub for the whole time beforehand). The apology will have to be for outright lying, throwing a 5-year-old temper tantrum and deliberately causing a diplomatic incident because it was caught with a nose lollipop and had it taken away. India will refuse to accept this apology because it will be quarter-assed and refuse and a total responsibility dodge, like usual.

    Najjar was likely killed by rival Khalistani gangsters, much like what happened the same week this debacle started; another one was killed and several members of their own group claimed responsibility before the Ministry of Truth could spin it as another India hit job.

    Sounds like our potato dictator needs to go back to sucking on a pacifier. It was (obviously) taken away far too early, since that thing never grew up (Come on, who smiles when they learn that a sibling has died, huh? That was sick.).

    This reminds me a bit of Fox News and their reporting on our convoy. They were among they only mainstreams that were not being harassed the entire time they were there because they were actually getting the truth out on what was going on at ground-level, not spinning elaborate webs of lies and disinformation. Granted, reporting what was going on was for their own benefit, but they still did their jobs.