Troubling reports describing the plight of patients, doctors and hospitals over the last 9 months. Docs and nurses are “waking up.” Oncologists are seeing tons of “turbo” cancers. It’s real.

by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

September 29, 2023

The point of these “Reports From the Front Lines” posts is to bring to life all of the accumulating data of the mRNA vaccine’s toxicity and lethality. I am trying to relate what it is like for those professionals who are “awake” and “on the ground.” I believe the below will well manifest the lived experiences and observations of appropriately trained and concerned citizens during this historic pharmageddon.

In the below, I will share numerous “anecdotes” compiled from my ever-expanding network of contacts, colleagues, confidants, patients etc. I have no reason to believe any of these observations or reports are anything but reflective of their reality/truth. I understand that an anecdote is an anecdote. But a 100 anecdotes.. is a 100 anecdotes. And so on and so forth. You know what you can do with your pharma-conducted randomized controlled trials.

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