Sikhism. Punjab. Khalistan. India, and perhaps Brampton, Ontario, summarize the political priorities of NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

by Brad Salzberg

September 28, 2023

[Justin] Trudeau is not interested in bringing change,” New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh stated this week

“Canada’s New Democratic Party (NDP) leader and pro-Khalistan MP Jagmeet Singh attacked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for not being interested in bringing a change as Trudeau’s corporate donors won’t allow it.”

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. If any individual is standing in the way of political change, it is Jagmeet Singh, the “man who would be kingmaker.”

In truth, Singh really is a kingmaker. If the NDP leader made one change– voiding his signature on a Liberal-NDP party agreement to lock-in Justin Trudeau as PM until October, 2025– a change in federal governance would arrive at Canada’s political doorstep.

A federal election would be called, and Trudeau would be removed from office. That one man employing one signature for the purpose of hi-jacking democracy in Canada has yet to be articulated by mainstream media. Likely, it never will be.

Apart from circumvention of democratic governance, Mr. Singh has serious political issues on his mind. That all of them relate to myopic concerns should be front-and-centre in the minds of Canadian voters.

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