by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford

September 25, 2023

A Nazi Applauded in Our Federal Parliament —Ignorance  Knows No Bounds In This  Land

It is abhorrent !

It is a disaster!

And our collective ignorance is on full display.

I am daily reminded of our ignorance about our own Constitution —as the elite and political class abuse and disfigure our Charter of Rights and Freedoms .

But if we know not our own history  —-then such shocking international ignorance is tragically to be expected.

We learn little  in our schools —history as a subject is gone and civics as a subject does not exist and testing and grading in many of our schools is no more .

We know little and pretend we know a lot.

Just a few months ago an EU MP came to Canada and the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition maligned her .

The PM and the Leader of the Opposition are now trying to hide their ignorance and or prejudice now that there has been some push back.

I have been refused an opportunity to speak in a public school and a public university in this land —the only living first minister who was part of the creation of the Constitution Act 1982, a part of which is The Charter of Rights and Freedoms .

Yet , I witness the applause of the Federal Parliamentarians for A person involved on Hitler’ s side of the  Second World War while seeing a democratically elected EU MP maligned ——and at a time when Canadians are before our courts for their legitimate civil disobedience opposing the state’s action for having their rights under the Charter taken away.

When will this madness stop?

All those elected in our House of Commons should be fired!!

I still give grades —-the Parliament of Canada gets an F.



  1. Well written Brian and I totally agree! The madness grows as The People of this once fine Country allow it to. Distraction works!

  2. I totally agree with you Mr. Peckford. Every single MP who stood up and applauded this Nazi should be fired. It is disgusting that this even happened. It is more disgusting that Trudeau continues to give our tax dollars to the most corrupt country in the world Ukraine. Or tax dollars need to support Canadians not other countries.

  3. This time I must agree with Mr. Peckford’s rantings. He is absolutely correct in what he has written.

    My own Father voluntarily joined the Canadian Armed Forces during the 2nd World War and never came home. Personally, I served for 4 years as a Military Police Officer (Provost Corp – 1st Canadian Division).

    Not only was this member of the dreaded German “SS” admitted into our House of Commons where he was applauded and recognized, but he also later attended a formal dinner function with our narcissistic and psychotic Prime Minister. Let there be no doubt that the Prime Minister would have had to been totally informed and aware of the status of this person, Yaroslav Hunka, but also would have had to authorize everything. Given Our Prime Minister’s overwhelming concern about his “personal safety”.

    Just look at the gleeful expression on Christina Freeland’s face and my God, even the General in charge of Canada’s Armed Forces was applauding this ex-SS guy. Whoa, what’s wrong with this picture?

    As to the members of the Conservative Party. I cannot believe that someone in the Conservative organization was not informed about the upcoming appearance of Yaroslav Hunka in the House of Commons on 22 Sept/23.

    Are the current elected Conservative MP’s that stupid that none of them have any knowledge of Canada’s Military History and the existence of the many German ex-SS personnel that were living in Canada.

    The now deceased Military veterans must be absolutely “spinning” in their graves as a result of this grave and totally unforegiveable incident.

    Our narcissistic, psychotic and tyrannical Prime Minister provides support for known known East Indian terrorists, Middle Eastern terrorists, and allows Communist China officials to exist and attempt to control Chinese people in our Country. In addition, he is planning to turn over “control” of our Canadian population to the United Nations and the World Economic Form (WEF) for his own personal benefit.

    When will this madness stop?

  4. I don’t think this madness is going to stop or it would have been stopped already, all of our government is following in Nazi footsteps and here we are still paying them to continue to bring us and our country to the ground, to me they are all criminals and I think what happened here in our parliament building says it all! I have never trusted Justin Trudeau from the time he got in, but these last three years as really shown how disturbed and narcissistic he really is. I guess as usual he will never take the blame, cause Justin Trudeau does no wrong lol oh my goodness I cannot believe that he’s still in our country let alone our government, he always proved time after time how much he despised our country. They all should be fired is right but do you all think that’s enough punishment for them because I don’t.

  5. If any of them were serious about standing up to this, especially when his role and involvement in WW2 was revealed, they should have walked out in protest. None of them did. Like how it was said on the Jimmy Dore show, they all behaved like seals and continued to applaud the guy. After this event went public, everyone started acting like they were outraged over this. Total B.S.

    Come on, people. This whole thing is all kabuki theatre. Both sides of the chambers are in on this. If it was not for the international outrage over this, this would have been just another Tuesday at the House of Idiots.