Maxime Bernier

People’s Party of Canada

September 22, 2023


Today at the Education Over Indoctrination protest in Toronto, Nick Alexander of Save Canada was arrested after being assaulted by an ANTIFA thug.

Bleeding from a head wound, Nick was cuffed, denied medical assistance, and thrown in a paddywagon.

Nick is expected to spend the night in prison.

His assailant goes free.

Our justice system fails us every day.

The government and police have consistently turned a blind eye to ANTIFA violence from coast to coast.

In Canada today, as long as violence is in line with the establishment narrative, it is not a crime.

Radical leftist thugs are emboldened. Violence will only escalate as the police do nothing.

It is time for action.

We are demanding the federal government immediately label ANTIFA a terrorist organization and dispense justice for Nick and countless others who have been assaulted by ANTIFA criminals.

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