“We will be coming to you and holding you responsible for your oppression that you’re inflicting on heterosexual families and the children.”

by Brad Salzberg


September 18, 2023

“We will be coming to you and holding you responsible, obviously peacefully, for your oppression that you’re inflicting on heterosexual families and the children.” 

So says Ottawa-based Muslim activist Kamel El-Cheikh, founder of the 1 Million March for Children, a Sept. 20, 2023 plan to stage walkouts and protests across Canada in an effort to end LGBT indoctrination in the Canadian public school system.

In the advent of a academic push to uncover potential transgender candidates among Canadian youth, parents across the country are just saying no. To be interpreted by trans-promoters as “acts of hate.” If accurate, this would render Kamel El-Cheik a homophobic bigot.

Because Cheik is of the Islamic faith, he gets a pass on the label. The accusation being an exclusive directed toward non-compliant Christians holding similar attitudes.

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  1. Kamel El-Cheikh also made a point to mention that if they organize counter protests against this that the gloves are off for every single pride and tranny parade out there that they will be subject to counter demonstrations if they go through with this. With the scuffles that have happened in Montreal, it looks like he will have to go through with this. Keep up the good fight. The children are not choosing this mental illness on their own. It’s being forced on them.

    The unions have certainly crossed lines and have shown their true colours, to the point I can see Liberaltopia fingerprints all over this one. That they want to use union funds to push their “counter-protest”? That’s not what they are there for. Disgusting.

    (Also, did anyone notice during the zoom call that was leaked how nearly everyone of them were using pronouns, some of them were pushing rainbow & baby blue and pink colours, one even wore a mask. They aren’t just pushing agenda, they’re freakin’ living it!)

    These ultra-left extremists (Has a nice ring to it, given their obsession for labels) just don’t know how to leave anything alone. They fuel hatred, narrow vision, black and white views, “Our way or the highway” approaches, the list goes on. I think Mr. Argentina may have been right on his comments about how the left, how they are inherently stupid. It used to be you could talk to someone about politics 20-30 years and you weren’t risking an all-out civil war over it. Now, it’s like WTF?