In the word of Dr. Albert Bourla, Pfizer Chief Executive Officer:
2022 was a record-breaking year for Pfizer, not only in terms of revenue and earnings per share, which were the highest in our long history, but more importantly, in terms of the percentage of patients who have a positive perception of Pfizer and the work we do.

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A Multibillion Dollar Bonanza

The Pfizer Full Year 2022 Financial Report does not provide details on the global marketing of the Pfizer’s Vaccine.

Below is an analysis of the Worldwide marketing of the Covid vaccine by Big Pharma, with Pfizer in the lead. From the outset in November 2020, the objective was to fully vaccinate (with several doses) every single person on the planet: a population of 8 billion people.

In numerous countries, pressured unduly by Big Pharma, corrupt national governments implemented policies of social enforcement and acceptanceMoreover, the devastating health impacts of the Covid-19 vaccine have been the object of systematic denial by the heath authorities as well as the media.

This whole process is “profit driven” in the billions, sustained by scientific fraud and disinformation.

Worldwide “Big Money” Vaxx Operation

Over a two year period, more than 12.9 billion vaccine doses were administered across 184 countries (Bloomberg, September 21, 2022, see graph below).

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