by Eldric Vero

September 20th, 2023

A CotD subscriber inquired about the Covid status of Haiti and Dominican Republic due to the geographical relationship of these two countries.  This is an update comparison of Haiti and Dominican Republic utilizing basic statistics as per Covid-19 vaccination status and Covid-19 Related Deaths (CRDs) sourced via the website  These two countries are located on the same island in the Caribbean and one would initially surmise the Covid-19 statistics should be comparable, however, you be the judge.

Panel 1

Dominican Republic covers 64 percent of the island with the population essentially the same as Haiti (i.e. Haiti has a population density 2.8 times higher than the Dominican Republic).  The Dominican Republic has 65.5 percent of the population vaccinated against Covid-19, versus Haiti with only 4.5 percent population vaccinated.  The following table summarizes the population and Covid statistics to date:


Panel 2

These charts are a visual presentation of the data in above.  Haiti reveals superior health at 74 CRDs per million compared to the Dominican Republic at 390 CRDs per million (5.3 times higher).



Panel 3

The following two graphs are directly from the website:



This was a headline from back in 2021 “Experts Puzzled by Why Haiti Has One of the Lowest Covid-19 Death Rates in the World Despite Administering Zero Vaccine Doses ‘We Don’t Know’” as per link :


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