Artur Pawlowski holds a press conference in Edmonton on Wednesday, May 24, 2023. PHOTO BY JASON FRANSON /THE CANADIAN PRESS

The Crown had sought a sentence of eight to 10 months, while defence lawyers were asking for time served

The Canadian Press

Calgary Herald

September 18, 2023

LETHBRIDGE, Alta. — A Calgary pastor was sentenced to 60 days in jail Monday for his role in protests against COVID-19 public health measures that blocked Alberta’s main Canada-U.S. border crossing for more than two weeks.

But a judge in Lethbridge, Alta., gave Artur Pawlowski 60 days’ credit for time already served, meaning he walked away from the courthouse a free man.

Justice Gordon Krinke said Pawlowski was not involved in the planning of the so-called “Freedom Convoy” and didn’t play a major role with his appearance at the border blockade.

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  1. I know many would argue this is a victory, but I cannot say so. The system stole months off his life over his beliefs, something that is supposed to be enshrined in our so-called Charter of Rights that has been trampled on so many times in recent years, you can see the mud off the bootprints. The system will not make any effort to compensate for the time lost. He refused to bend the knee (Good for him!), so he they have to set the example, while not risking making a martyr out of him.