Sky News host Rita Panahi couldn’t contain her laughter over “dimwitted lefties” on The View discussing the influx of illegal migrants in New York City. “But what is the Biden administration, which has overseen record numbers crossing that southern border illegally, millions every year, what are they going to do?” Ms Panahi said. “Well, this is their latest genius idea, no they’re not going to complete the wall, they’re not going to implement tough border protection policies, they’re going to try to keep the illegal migrants in Texas.” The LA Times reported the Biden administration was considering a plan to force illegal immigrants to remain in Texas while awaiting asylum screenings. “Genius, genius – why should Texans have to deal with this crisis, they aren’t the ones voting for sanctuary city mayors and governors,” Ms Panahi said.




  1. NWO globalist plan…these public servants are all bought off or told what to do or are part of the problem.
    All globalist bastards.
    The women on the view are uneducated told what to say to get their pay checks.