Yeah, this is real

by Jon Rappoport

September 13, 2023

Gateway Pundit:

There could not be a more perfect incident that represents the current communist assault on America today than the arrest and sentencing of Isaac Yoder. Isaac will soon face one year in prison for dressing as George Washington and walking into the US Capitol.

The wicked regime sentenced him to prison for dressing like George Washington. Then they stole his clothes.

The FBI stalked Yoder for 7 months and then arrested him in a small Missouri town where he works as a locksmith.

Isaac Yoder dressed as Founding Father George Washington on January 6 and walked inside the US Capitol where he was seen talking with police before he exited the building.

[Yoder] spoke to a police officer and walked out. He did not see any violence. He did not cause any violence. His crime was dressing as America’s Founding Father.

If he had dressed as, say, Mao or Stalin, would that have saved him? No one would have noticed the impersonations. No good.

If he had worn a big sign on his chest that said FAUCI, might that have helped? Nah. I’m grasping at straws.

But wait.

Suppose he wore a dress and pink heels and a wig and lipstick and a beard? And suppose he said I AM A TRANSGENDER WOMAN.

Suppose he made statements to the press: “I was in the Capitol to assess the surroundings, and see whether Congress had installed any statues or plaques or recognition of any kind celebrating the long struggle of those of us who have fought for the right to be our AUTHENTIC SELVES…”

“And frankly, I was disappointed. I saw no signal showing support for the transgender community. I believe there is a connection between this lack of public support from Congress, and the events of January 6th.”

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