by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford

September 12, 2023

Got To Thinking -Government In Waiting Convention And No Recognition Of The Three Year Brazen Abuse Of Science And Power And Our Constitution .

No resolutions acknowledging the pain and suffering of this crazy time —of false science and ego driven public health officers given power by shallow parliamentarians. No recognition of how our whole governance has been turned  upside down—-The Constitution trashed, disfigured and ignored.

And the celebratory mood of the crowd as they smell blood and the gaining of power —-the transfer of red Liberal to blue Conservative.

Reminds me of history and the Roman crowd of Caesar’s day.

Is there something in the vaccines that reduce a person’s empathy ? Our memory? Or is this who we are , hidden in our material prosperity !

Makes you wonder!!!

We must not forget the many who died and the many injured because of Government incompetence and stupidity ——

I have files full of stories from people all over Canada ——

The grand daughters disallowed travel ——having been sent passage money by their dying grandmother in Australia.

The man in central canada who lost his job because he visited by car (prevented from flying ) his sick relative in western canada and had an accident delaying his return .

People seeing their sick parents or grandparents outside windows of seniors homes and hospitals ——-

The slavish subservience of many to bloated bureaucracies and ego driven politicians —witness the problems in Ontario and Quebec seniors homes uncovered by the military not the medical public servants.

And it continues ——

All those Conservative MP’s at the Convention who cowardly were absent from the Trucker’s Convoy now congratulating themselves for nothing.

The gall————!!!

And they are among the MP’s who voted for Bill C-4 making illegal for parents to help their children with their God given biology. As the courageous Maxime Bernier , leader of the PPC , said in a note commenting on Conservative Leader Poilievre and his MP’s :

‘We can’t forget that less than two years ago, he and his trained seals unanimously voted with the Liberals and NDP in favour of bill C-4, which promotes the transitioning of kids and criminalizes parents and counsellors who want to help them accept their body. “

The tragic irony of all this is that at the same time as this Convention is partying Tamara Lich and Chris Barber , two of the Trucker Convoy leaders , are before the courts for asserting through civil disobedience the right of Canadians through their Constitution to earn a living , the celebration of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of ‘ life, liberty and the security of the person’ ,  rejecting government coercion and fiat.



  1. Oh well, what’s done is done. Just sweep it all under the rug. Out of sight, out of mind. Right? There’s a reason these well worn sayings were given life. We have lived among snakes throughout time but now we are living in the snake pit. Snakes, every last one of them. Where have all the honourable men and women gone? There are a few but not enough. Perhaps the sheer volume of snakes have buried them. May the good Lord hear and answer our cry.