If CAP was a medical doctor, we would diagnose the Canadian body politic as being infected with a deadly virus.

by Brad Salzberg


September 12, 2023

Quebec Court of Appeal Justice Marie-Josee Hogue has been selected by the Trudeau government to lead an inquiry expected to delve into alleged meddling in Canadian affairs by the government of China.

“An interim report is due by the end of February and a final report by the end of December 2024.”

December 2024, eh? By that time perhaps China will own Canada outright, but let’s not get caught up in any incidental details.

Conservative MP Michael Chong, victim of Chinese government intimidation, is in Washington urging Capitol Hill lawmakers to work with their northern neighbour to battle foreign interference from Beijing.

The Conservative Party MP is wise to maintain a sense of diplomacy, while steering away from political partisanship. When Chong says “work with” Canada, he really means work with the Conservative Party and others to prevent Chinese interference in Canadian federal elections.

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