by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford

September 11, 2023

Report 4 : Conservative Convention, Quebec City Now . No Mention Of Amending Emergencies Act And Stop The Conflict Of Interest And Bad Ethics  And Lack of Accountability !

One of the biggest National issues facing Canada is the unconstitutional use by the Federal Government of the Emergencies Act in relation to the constitutional Truckers Convoy .

As presently written the Act allows the Federal Government to establish a Commission to examine its own actions when the Act is invoked..

This is blatant conflict of interest.

Government given the power to examine itself.

We saw this put to use this year through the Rouleau Commission.

We were seen worldwide as undemocratic ! A tyrannical state.

The Federal Government having the power to appoint the  Commissioner and setting the terms of reference to examine itself !

What a chance for the Conservative Party of Canada to show some integrity , sound ethics and honest governance.

The application of this Act was unconstitutional by ignoring the first words of the Charter , Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law and violating the Conditions of Section 1 of the Charter —demonstrable justification and adherence to  rule of law in a free and democratic society.

This silence,  this mistake of omission, places this Party in the same dishonest and unethical position as the Government they  accuse of dishonesty and unethical behaviour. And this does not even include the other unconstitutional actions of freezing of citizens bank accounts , restricting the right of travel. association assembly , the lack of accountability of those who imposed and supported lockdowns and mandates .

Tamara Lich and Chris Barber are before the Courts while many in Government are free from accountability of mandates , lockdowns and the approving of experimental drugs that are harming  thousands.