by Ricky Daytona

West Kelowna

September 11, 2023

Part II of “Lunatics, Imbeciles and idiots”.

It finally arrived, a visitation from deep within the matrix that is normieland. Deranged and babbling, emotional, and mostly incoherent. Having detached myself from the homeland for some 20 years it was an unnerving experience to see an in-person manifestation of an archetypal normie direct from one of the heartlands of the coordinated attack on humanity. A land with a high concentration of deranged normies.  Yet, still a place where a war is being waged and many freedom-loving warriors are fighting a spiritual battle against such wicked anti human entities.

The first and most concerning observation of the normie was a complete and utter lack of understanding of how the world works, global geopolitics, or even a vague understanding of the many issues in its own homeland. A head in the sand approach ensured the blinders were fully applied. It was as if all the issues we seem to be generally aware of, the trends and patterns, the picture that is forming regarding how so many of these issues are connected or at least created and managed by the same entities did not even exist. Sure, I’d like to put my head in a bucket of water and pretend we live in wonderful, happy, innocent times. But what would that achieve?

The normie exists within a very narrow monoview of the world. That is to say, it can only see and feel its own existence, there is nothing outside of that, nor much of any sort of recognition that the other exists or may exist. We tend to see things from as broad a worldview as possible, and we willingly invest time and effort researching, learning and gathering information from a variety of sources to form our opinions. The normie has no interest in such efforts or endeavors. It is lazy and slovenly, often finding the path of least resistance.

We tend to think that the normie only reads the msm mockingbird media. We seem to think that if only the normie would stop following msm sources, their minds might be open to the ways of the world.

Sadly, it seems that many normies do not even follow the “news”. It seems their tiny overwhelmed minds can’t even process the narrative they are being fed, let alone challenge it. Instructions are received from the world immediately around it. It simply functions on one wavelength like an automaton.

So, if our great hope lies within the destruction of the msm, and all our efforts are to be railed against the msm in our goal of detaching the normie from its teat, we are in for a big shock. If we think we can educate and guide the normie into a more sentient existence by this method of msm-disconnection, we will be disappointed. Of course, there are some who diligently follow the spew published by the msm and have a very narrow arena of operations to pull from. This is possibly a recognition of how far the msm has fallen. The normies now operate in isolation, in some sort of functional silo where they meander around wildly flapping in the breeze, blowing around like discarded garbage bags, not necessarily receiving instructions from the msm, but receiving stimuli from those around them. Nonverbal and behavioral clues and signals are a huge part of human behavior especially in densely populated urban areas. This is after all the primary domain of the normie, a species which is rarely found in more remote areas where one must be more self-reliant and independent.

Being non sentient indicates a prevalence for being unaware of the norms, expectations, needs and feelings of others. As if this was some sort of personality disorder, the normie barges itself into one’s personal space, in this case long preserved and fought for as a bastion of isolation against all that is insane and deranged in this world. One’s own personal cocoon of civility and respect, tranquility and detachment from the madness outside the walls. All becomes disentangled from the calm relaxed aura as the normie flops itself down, lounges around, and starts to conduct itself as if it were in its own environment. Being in a non-sentient state it does not have the self-awareness to mimic those who are its host. Those of you who have traversed many different societies and cultures will understand that social mimicry (of customs, traditions and expectations) as well as a keen eye for behavioral indicators serve the traveler and explorer well, when not in normal social environments.

What became evident is that the normie will continue its pig-like ignorant behavior even when fully immersed into a completely different cultural norm. It cannot adapt because it has no conscience to leverage for adaptation.

On the subject of the normies isolation from global socio economic and political matters, it became evident just how unaware the normie was. Conversations around the Ukraine-Russia conflict were received with glassy eyes. It had no opinion, because it had not been told what to think. The normie had been injured by the COVHOAX injecticides. Despite complaining to their doctor about the side effects of the first dose it proceeded to receive the second dose and get even sicker. When questioned whether it had engaged the doctor in a discussion or debate about said noxious serums, a blank look was received as if this had not consciously been considered despite the self-harm.

Attempts were made to rehabilitate the miserable wretch with a series of expensive compounds and nutrients tailored at its ailments. It was all futile. After a week the normie discarded the array of elixirs, as it seemed to be too much trouble to stick with a disciplined rehabilitation routine.

As my nature becomes increasingly misanthropic, I often wonder whether it is worth bothering with “other humans” (other than the ones that we meet who are of a like mind). It requires effort and 95% of the time it is quite futile.

Finally, the normie was promptly dispatched, like an exorcism. Patience had run out as day by day it ground down my ability to continue to allow it to infest my space with its psychic poison, and so the deed was done.

We simply cannot live with these babbling husks. We are a divergent species and I urge anyone to refrain from giving them an opportunity to suck energy from you. They are psychic dementors, creatures that we cannot coexist with.

“Lunatics, imbeciles and idiots” – This is Part II of an occasional and sporadic series of observations about the human condition.

Ricky Daytona

West Kelowna