With Trudeau heading down-and-out in polls, it’s up to media to destroy Pierre Poilievre’s chances of becoming prime minister of Canada.

by Brad Salzberg


September 10, 2023

The verdict is in. The ink on policy proposals approved at last week’s Conservative Party convention is barely dry. None of the proposals have been officially adopted. Not that this would prevent mainstream media in Canada from attacking their favourite target: Conservatism, both in large and small “C” formats.

In contemporary Canada, media function not unlike sharks sniffing blood in a secluded cove.

Abortion. LGBT. Gender. Transgender. Euthanasia. Racism. Since the advent of PM Justin Trudeau, and even before, media in Canada have been schooled on how to effectively ruin Conservative Party candidates for prime minister.

CBC did it to Stephen Harper by way of the “Hijab” issue. Globe & Mail hit up Andrew Scheer for intimating that pro-life Canadians can have a legitimate voice regarding abortion. Erin O’Toole dared to question Chinese government influence on government.

This week, Global News and others began attacking Pierre Poilievre. Trotting out the “usual suspects,” of which transgenderism forms a core component.

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