by Ricky Daytona

West Kelowna

September 10, 2023

I had an interesting video pop up in my feed this morning. I’d heard about this tragic and depressing story over the last couple of weeks and decided to dip a toe a little deeper in the waters of human misery. As a homesteader who is fiercely independent, and refuses to consume disgusting garbage, it resonated deeply with me. As someone who despises the processed junk and much that the masses cram down their throats, it turned my stomach.

Of course, we find that the prevailing state of all levels of government is an ongoing attempt to make the lives of everyday people even more difficult and miserable. This is demonstrated on so many levels. From attempting to enable laws that make shoplifting a non-criminal offence, to enacting even more burdensome green laws, bylaws, ordinances, taxes and fines. Roolz are the new weapons of our totalitarian overlows. The war on cars and private transport is another manifestation. Laws and dictats always parallel a multitude of controls over humanity.

Communism: ideas so bad, they have to be mandated. 

As the wheels of this vast deranged wobbling creaky apparatus grind across our societies, treading everything asunder, they begin to lose traction. Take for example grocery stores’ allocation of retail display space for non-meat “food”. The sales volume is dropping so rapidly that space is being minimized. As a friend of mine used to say “no sale”.

Now the machine will spin its wheels in a wild rage, and will demand more controls and laws. Expect soon that a certain percentage of grocery stores layout planograms will be allotted to lab meat, insect products and fake lab grown meat. They cannot take it to market, it’s a commercial failure, so like everything else the machine tries, the only viable source of “success” is mandates, laws and coercion. After all, some Bill Gates or a wannabe type has invested money in this enterprise, so it’s not going to be allowed to fail. Even if it’s being tossed into dumpsters, and packs of wild dogs refuse to eat it, someone WILL make a profit from it. And it won’t be you.

Just like farmer Samuel Fisher in Virginia, we are all at risk of being the enemy of the government now.

Let’s take a look at things from the perspective of the implementers of this madness for a moment. Just what kind of human being do you have to be to treat people like this? A low IQ helps, as well as a lack of empathy for other human beings. An insecure personality lacking confidence would identify with a role where enforcement of inane rules results in delivering a personal sense of self-worth. Once embedded into such roles, the pawn becomes simply an automaton, unable to think in a sentient cognitive manner. After a few years in a deep silo environment, it loses the ability to question and challenge in an objective manner.  This is why so many businesses are struggling to survive or compete in a dynamic environment. Mindless top-down cultures destroy every opportunity at innovation and efficiency. It merely employs drone-like entities, then adds layers of mumbling ESL diversity hire imbecilic 70 IQ clowns.

I have worked with such sad miserable creatures and it is impossible to overstate just how non-sentient they will become. I saw bright motivated new hires become bumbling idiots within 6 months, unable and unwilling to challenge the insanity they worked within. Brought to tears, crushed and broken by the system then taking up the sweet sugar coated dangled carrot of conformity. I worked with managers and leaders who couldn’t even write a sentence in an email cohesively.

As the leaders joked about the stupidity of the vast herd that lumbered and travailed beneath them, the herd could be told any old line to reign them in and convince them to conduct the most ridiculous of actions with the most irrational and comical of justifications. As a student of human nature all I could do was laugh, chuckling along with the madness and psychosis I was experiencing, or observing, while aiming to keep a distance from it and be sure I saw what I really saw and not the gaslighting, babbling, deranged projection that was being played out in the tiny minds of the victims of all this bizarre nonsense. It seemed like a competition to see how much babble could be spewed down upon the peon class, even things that contradicted each other were swallowed eagerly.

Most of the insanity and cruelty humanity is facing would not even exist without the existence of the “useful idiot” class. Imagine such weaponized stupidity, that people would glue themselves to the asphalt after being programmed by various pro-government narrative tools. Imagine actually having nothing better to do with your life than to become to blindly enraged that you will do the stupidest and most embarrassing things imaginable to serve the purposes of some government group, quango, NGO, or other shadowy Soros funded entity.

Imagine being so gullible that the repurposed COVHOAX2.0 scares you into demanding more medical injecticides that do the very same thing the last batches did (nothing, for efficacy or prevention of infection) while increasing the risk of making yourself seriously sick.

The TV must be obeyed….your master has spoken.

“Lunatics, imbeciles and idiots” – Part I of an occasional and sporadic series of observations about the human condition.

Ricky Daytona

West Kelowna