Trudeau “Tries Everything To Avoid” China Election Investigation

by Brad Salzberg

September 8, 2023

In what is progressively degenerating into political theatre, former leader of the Conservative Party MP Andrew Scheer had some pointed words this week for PM Justin Trudeau:

“Justin Trudeau has known about this and has done nothing about it for months. It was only after conservative pressure to call a public inquiry that we are here.”

“Never forget that Justin Trudeau has tried to do everything to avoid this,” claimed Scheer. “He had to be dragged kicking and screaming.”

Of course he has. It should be apparent to all Canadians that what has been alleged– Chinese government meddling in past federal elections– may well be part of a plot to instal Mr. Trudeau as prime minister of Canada.

If it isn’t, then mainstream media are responsible for the obfuscation. Don’t you know? CBC, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and other leading media outlets work for Justin Trudeau. In return, the PM shuffles off billion of taxpayer dollars each year to keep media pumping out anti-Conservative Party rhetoric, in addition to a general cover-up of Liberal government improprieties.

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