by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford

September 9, 2023

Report Number One—Conservative Party Of Canada Convention Quebec City Right Now , September, 2023 . So What Do They Stand For, Really ! Where’s Their Ethics? Honesty?

We hear a lot of talk!

From all political parties.

A lot on ethics and integrity . But as we know , little has been done.

MP’s can violate the Conflict Of Interest Act and still serve in the House of Commons.

But what do they actually put in writing.

I have written the Leader of the Conservative Party asking him to have his Party endorse an amendment to the Conflict of Interest Act to disallow any MP from serving in the House of Commons if found in violation of the Act by the Ethics and  Conflict of Interest Commissioner . The leader has not answered my inquiry.

And now we know why !!!

This what is being proposed at the Convention , taken directly from the Convention material on policy .

‘2023 Submission #1005 – 6. Empowering the Ethics Commissioner

The Conservative Party believes in empowering the Ethics Commissioner with more punitive options for repeat offenders of the Conflict of Interest Act as it applies to MPs and Senators to ensure compliance. A “three strikes” rule will be implemented, with extremely cost prohibitive fines for first offence, double for a second and disqualifications of the member from all public and lobbying positions for life for a third. Ministers will be subject to increased penalties commensurate with their offence and inherent responsibilities .’


No disqualification from serving as MP for breaking the law—the first time——or the second time , you have to break the law a third time for —-‘ disqualifications of the member from all public and lobbying positions for life for a third. ‘

And What does this ‘disqualifications from public and lobbying positions mean? The House of Commons ? If so why not say so?

And what does extremely cost prohibitive fines mean ?

So folks , there you have it!

A Party in waiting to be a new Federal Government whose commitment  to integrity and ethics is——————??



  1. Poor ‘ole Mr. Peckford. You and the other Provincial Premiers were conned into signing the Constitution Act of 1982 by a dedicated Marxist meglamaniac who was the Prime Minister of Canada at the time. Unfortunately, you and the other signatories were more interested in getting as much public recognition in the news media than was your concern for the citizens of Canada.

    Now, you’re living in B.C. on a generous pension plan paid for on the backs of Newfoundland tax payers. Go back to sleep and quit annoying us with your crap about what is going on in the Canadian Parliament system. You helped screw it up so now you have to live with it, just like the rest of us.

    Oh, by the way your favorite pretend political candidate, Maxime Bernier, who is nothing more than a Liberal Party paid shill is never going to get elected for anything, let alone as a Member of Parliament.