Hundreds of thousands of American deaths could have been prevented…

by Bruce O’Hara

September 7, 2023

Imagine you are in charge of the US Center for Disease Control in the Spring of 2020. A brand new disease pandemic is spreading rapidly across the entire globe.

What are your priorities?

If it was me, knowing that vaccines are a minimum of several months away, I’d be exploring as many early treatment options as possible in the interim.

I would pay particular attention to existing drugs with known antiviral properties. Existing medications already have full safety profiles so there’s no waiting if I find a treatment that even modestly reduces the risk of dying of this new disease.

I’d keep my ear to the ground. Anytime a doctor claimed success with one or other medication or treatment protocol, I’d initiate a research study to see if they were on to something. I’d also keep a close eye on what other countries were doing. Speed, flexibility and a willingness to try new things would be far more important than seeking perfection in a rapidly spreading pandemic.

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