Believe Canada to be communist-free? If so, you will make Justin Trudeau a happy people-kind. Not to mention the government of China.

by Brad Salzberg 

September 3, 2023

Mainstream media may have gone way-light on the issue, but many within the social media-sphere are aware of the event.

Responding to a comment from a Canadian lady critical of ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau, Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre said “well, they’re both Marxists.”

Media that did manage to pipe up offered a predictable denial of the idea that, at heart, both PM Justin Trudeau, and his alleged father Pierre Trudeau, are communist in political orientation.

Liberal MP Mark Gerretsen responded in kind to Poilievre’s statement. He called it a “massive misunderstanding of the term, and an insult.”

Is Gerretsen correct in his assessment? It would do Canadians well not to perceive this as an “all-or-nothing” situation. Having followed Liberal-China political integration for over 35 years, CAP offer some thoughts on the matter.

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