“I wouldn’t be prepared to think I would be successful in arguing that communism for Canada at the present time. But such times might come, who knows?”– Pierre Trudeau.

by Brad Salzberg


September 2, 2023

A video of Pierre Poilievre going door knocking has been posted to social media in which the Conservative Party leader he can be heard referring to Justin Trudeau and Pierre Trudeau as “Marxists” – a term used to describe a supporter of the political and economic theories of 19th century philosopher Karl Marx.

“They’re both Marxists,” stated Poilievre regarding two of Canada’s most prominent Liberal Party politicians.

“Some experts are throwing cold water on the claim,” media reported in a segment produced by CHCH, an Ontario-based media outlet.

Of course they are. As patriots, we must remain wary each time media begin to throw around the term “experts.” The word generally refers to left-wing academics, many of whom receive substantial federal government bursaries, therefore willing to brand all forms of communist association regarding the Trudeau family as “misinformation.”

In truth, a branding of the leader of a western nation as a communist is tricky business. Marxism and communism involve a wide berth of policies, some economic; others more socially-oriented.

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  1. Trudeau is an idiot being run by the same people as Biden. The sheep are too busy eating grass to look up and see the chemicals being sprayed on us as well.

  2. Pierre Poilievre, like everything else said and done, only takes the approach a quarter-assed. He says ‘just’ enough to get the vote and that’s it. He is still pushing much of the agenda that will be the death and destruction of Canuckistan.

    Speaking of chemicals, no one seems to be talking much about the massive shipment of ammonium sulfate that went missing earlier this year… And then we have all those magical forest fires show up in time for pushing the carbon scam.