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by Steven Edginton

Journalist – The Telegraph

September 2, 2023

Under Justin Trudeau, Canada has sought to position itself as the global bastion of progressive politics. In my latest Telegraph documentary, seen above, I went to the former British colony to find out how Canadians are dealing with Trudeau’s radical reforms; from the promotion of gender ideology in schools and the mass legalisation of drugs, to his extreme new suicide laws and clamp downs on freedom of speech.

I began my investigation in one of the country’s most liberal cities, Vancouver. Possession of up to 2.5 grams of hard drugs, including heroin, cocaine and fentanyl, has been legalised in the city as part of a three year experiment which began in January of this year. If the aim was to combat the opioid crisis that already beset the city then it appears there is still much to be done as vast tent sites line the streets, patrolled by roaming zombie-like drug addicts.

As we filmed on Hastings Street, infamous as the epicentre of Vancouver’s homelessness crisis, I witnessed a topless man shoot a needle into his arm five feet from me. Though it wasn’t quite as bad as San Francisco, where my cameraman and I came under attack from angry vagrants, the scenes were still shocking.

It’s not just the homeless who patrol the streets of Vancouver. Chris Elston, better known online as Billboard Chris, campaigns against the imposition of gender ideology on children, whether through Canada’s education system or via dangerous operations to “transition” young adults. As his nickname suggests, Chris walks around Vancouver wearing signs protesting gender ideology, encouraging lively debates with passers-by which he puts on YouTube.

Chris kindly allowed our crew to join him on a walkabout, where we found many Canadians horrified by the use of puberty blockers in children and the promotion of biological men in women’s sports.

We did encounter some opposition of course, mostly through the odd shout or flicking of the finger. So much for Canadian politeness.

One aggressive gentleman, tall, ageing and angry, began a tirade against Chris with the rather bizarre singular message that he is “queer”. Part of Canada’s social revolution can also be witnessed in its extreme new euthanasia laws.

In 2016, the ruling Liberal Party passed legislation enabling assisted suicide for terminally ill Canadians. Next year the legislation will be expanded to include those with mental health problems. As Christianity declines across Canada, and the liberal obsession with “bodily autonomy” and “personal freedom” reaches its logical conclusion, a new dystopia is forming. As Dr Konia Trouton, a euthanasia advocate, told me, “we are an organised society but within that organisation we have to allow some freedoms and opportunities, this is not a communist system where we can try and reign that in”. The campaign group Euthanasia Prevention Coalition estimates that 13,500 people chose state-assisted suicide last year.

To prevent wokeism from spreading it is important to have a strong opposition party. Canada’s Conservatives have been historically weak in pushing back against Trudeau, however, their recently elected leader, Pierre Poilievre, has injected fresh energy into the party. Whilst there are some who still question Poillievre’s conservative credentials, his strategy seems to be working; one recent poll gave his party a twelve point lead over Trudeau’s Liberals.

However, the most successful opponents to Canada’s social revolution have so far not been politicians but members of the public. Our film highlights some of these brave individuals, including Dr Jordan Peterson, perhaps the most high-profile Canadian in the world other than the country’s leader.

During my travels I found ordinary people appalled at Canada’s surrender to drug dealers, its contempt for freedom of speech, its enforcement of gender ideology on children and a breezy willingness to terminate the lives of its own citizens. However, for all the depressing stories of people losing their jobs, or being hounded by the government, these cases were equally inspirational. Whilst Canada is a warning to the West, there are also individual messages of hope from those brave individuals fighting for their freedom.

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  1. Exactly. It is the illusion of choice. The Cons are pushing the same agenda the Liebs have been. They are pushing for endless cash into a war because Freeland has this thing about killing Russians since her ancestors were involved in a war against them (Which is the only reason we’re even involved in that lunacy). They voted for child castration. They were pushing for more people to be killed faster by jabs. Look at their history since the Potato Dictator assumed the throne: There is NOTHING about them that shows they take what they are saying (now) seriously. Sure, they have some damn smooth talkers and I get the occasional laugh out of them, but they think they are entitled to your votes which is why they are so aggressive towards anyone that supports the PPC. The “Vote splitting” the establishment right claims is happening is not between the Cons and the PPC. It is between the Cons and Liebs. When they behave the same way, that is where a vote split happens. PPC support, in general, has been against all this madness, because this groups stops to think about what is going on and realizes they’re being fed nothing but lies, fear and stuff that works better as fertilizer.

    Kuro Disclaimer: I am not 100% sold on Bernier being truly against this establishment that wants to enrich itself while utterly annihilating us in the process. While his words are increasingly showing he is sick and tired of this woke-created disaster we are all heading towards, I am leaving room for disappointment that he’s also on the payroll and that we, aside from a full-scale revolution to retake our country, are truly doomed. For now, I’ll try to give him the benefit of the doubt.