Highlights include immigrant-rich Markham, Ontario, where 70% of those polled stated they want the New Democratic Party leader to step down.

by Brad Salzberg


September 1, 2023

A majority of Canadians believe Jagmeet Singh should be removed from his position as leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada. An even larger percentage of those polled believe that PM Justin Trudeau should no longer be prime minister of Canada.

Canadians who closely follow political developments will know why Trudeau is not gone. At a basic level, our PM is in power because Jagmeet Singh holds the card which keeps him on his political perch.

If not for both men signing a “confidence and supply” agreement in 2022, our current PM would likely be vacationing on the billionaire Aga Khan’s yacht, or some such thing.

In terms of demographics, the pollsters weave a familiar story. The more “educated” a Canadian is, the more they support Singh and Trudeau. It’s an interesting dynamic– for reasons never alluded to by mainstream media.

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