Pictured, Canada’s “Queen Of Trans” as appointed by LGBT fanatic PM Justin Trudeau.

Is the hyper-aggressive LGBT lobby in Canada watching it’s deepest dream disappear?

by Brad Salzberg


August 31, 2023

At least 18 U.S. states have passed laws which limit or ban certain aspects of LGBT indoctrination in American public schools, including gender-affirming medical care for minors and teaching about sexual orientation.

For a social issue of this magnitude to exist while media in North America sublimate a critical element of the scenario must be considered.

LGBT Supporters“This is hate directed at American and Canadian homosexuals and transsexuals.”

LGBT Detractors: “No, it isn’t. Rather, our protest is focused on a specific element of the debate– the promotion of LGBT sexual identity in our school,s as it relates to the maturity and level of understanding of youth subjected to trans-indoctrination.”

That mainstream media in Canada continue to conflate these issues should be understood within general society. It doesn’t happen because, in basic terms, establishment media in North America have proven themselves to be in a long-term love affair with transgenderism.

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