by The Honourable A. Brian Peckford

August 31, 2023

Local Radio Station Reports BC Premier writing Bank of Canada about Inflation. When the heat comes on blame others

Mr. Premier how about fixing your own house ?

For example , that carbon tax!

Think that tax is not inflationary ?

Do you think that doesn’t hurt farmers , small businesses and ordinary people ?

How about living within your means and reduce borrowing thereby  reducing inflation. You are borrowing to just keep the lights on!!

Your total debt according to your own figures in the Public Accounts stands at $90 billion at the end of March 2022.  That is with a B and that is $3 billion more than the previous year.

Perhaps reduction in those over the top regulations might help. Canada comes 122 in how long it takes to get  an electrical permit, according the the World  Bank. There are 121 countries who are more efficient in issuing an  electrical permit. No doubt your Government with its innumerable regulations contributes to this shameful statistic.

So —perhaps People in Glass Houses Shouldn’t throw stones .

Clean up your own house  before asking others to clean up  up theirs.