August 25, 2023 CBC Network News compelling interview with a long-term resident, author Jim Cooperman, about the 41,852 ha wildfire that has ravaged the Shuswap for one week resulting in the destruction of more than 131 homes and businesses and continues to threaten the community. Meanwhile, government directed police lockdown over 300 residents who are fighting the fires to protect their homes and neighbours homes, denying them the right to move freely and preventing the delivery of food and supplies, even by boats across Shuswap Lake.




  1. Climate change ???? is spurring disaster after disaster and clean-up is costing Canadians more and more each year. Homeowners and insurance companies are tallying up the expensive price tag from this historic wildfire season which is likely into the billions by now. And because of it, premiums are going up and there’s talk insurance companies may pull out of some areas altogether. They are using climate change to take home ownership affordability away from prime properties. They fail to say that there are more underwater volcanoes that are erupting warming the oceans.