Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce says parents must be fully involved if a student wants to change their gender identity or pronouns at school.

by Brad Salzberg


August 29, 2023

Not a single warning. No official statements advancing caution. No health risks, no downside in any capacity.

Incredibly, these words of truth can be applied to the ruling Liberal government of Canada’s approach to the thorny topic of transgenderism.

Want to drive a car? 16 years of age. Feeling like casting a vote? 18 years of age. Time to party? 19 years of age to purchase alcohol.

Fancy a sex-change operation? No minimum age. We speak of one of the most contentious issues within Canadian society.

A recent grass roots push against¬†LGBT¬†indoctrination is being met with deaf ears by our federal government. An obstinate lot these pseudo-academics are. Aggressive, sanctimonious, bitter and rude, so-called “educators” who support the transgender craze in Canada are well used to getting everything they ask for.

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