1. ClydeDoSomething has had several videos on this as well, talking about the blockades, the shutting off of water to the area to prevent volunteers from helping to stop this arson, interviews with locals, etc. Between this and other stuff I have seen, it’s pretty obvious this stuff is deliberate.

    Danielle Smith even challenged a CTV propagandist when he was trying to get her to condemn all the fires in Alberta as climate change and she pointed out that almost 80% of the fires in Alberta were caused by arson, not random environmental quirks (You could argue she dodged the question, since she did not take a yes or no position, but the answer itself is still telling).

    I am speculating, here, but I think this is just the start. I think they are going to torch and burn down EVERY rural area in Canada to force everyone into their 15-minute city agenda, something small PP is also onboard for (If you watch his vids as of late, he practically telegraphs it). The environmental consequences to this will be devastating, to say the least.

    Does anyone else notice how this wilful torching of forests is working against the interest of their carbon agenda? Are they too busy with counterproductive agendas that they don’t notice these subtle, but obvious conflicts?