The director of wildfire operations in BC Cliff Chapman admitted that they started the fires with a planned ignition and that they did this even though they knew strong winds were approaching.

Since then the RCMP have ordered local police to stop anyone from entering the area in an effort to “prevent looting”.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the Shuswap fires and most importantly what you need to do to plan for the next “order out of chaos” scenario that keeps playing out before our eyes.

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  1. “Whoops, we tried to torch a town. Our bad!” — Yeah, okay. Whatever. Mass government-committed arson, and like usual, everyone gets away with it. I bet if some random person did this with a pack of matches, said person would get arrested and stuck in jail… Oh, wait. That doesn’t happen anymore. Everyone is pretty much out on bail as a cashcow operation to they can profit from increasing crime in Canuckistan.

    This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, but the message at the end was the most important: Do not trust the government. Well-said. We HAVE to rely on each other, regardless of background. Cannot rely on the system to assist us. The system is against us and their agents are too brainwashed to understand just how dire and serious things have become, especially because of their actions.