The Medical Industrial Complex is planning more lockdowns, Covid tyranny, and another fake pandemic.
Tonight, Stew sits down for an exclusive interview with one of Canada’s greatest fighters, Chris Sky.
Chris predicted the Covid tyranny and refused to surrender when the Trudeau junta assaulted the freedom of patriots.
Now, he has a new warning about the pandemic 2.0 that is being planned by the bloodthirsty elite.
Don’t miss this exclusive one on one interview.
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  1. These crazed psychopaths only know way to do things: Double-down.
    – When a scamdemic didn’t work the first time, double-down with another one with double the propaganda, double the fear and double the consequences.
    – When your war offensive didn’t work: Double-down with getting more of your people killed to protect your secrets at said location.
    – When your taxation didn’t achieve the results you wanted: Double-down with more taxes.
    – When the propaganda doesn’t make your incompetent pedo thing look like the best thing since sliced bread, double-down, waste more money and keep polishing that smelly turd.

    The Department of Zero Surprise continues to be unimpressed…