Pictured, PM Justin Trudeau makes a mockery of the Canadian flag.

Justin Trudeau is angry because three provinces are taking steps to require consent from parents for students under the age of 16 to change their sex.

by Brad Salzberg


August 26, 2023

Three strikes and you’re out? It may apply to baseball, but it will take more–likely much more– to strike out Liberal government-backed transgender promotion for Canadian children.

Why our federal government support this odd-ball agenda, to which critics apply terms such as “physical mutilation,” is a tough call. To this day, Cultural Action Party is unsure of what the actual upside is, if anything.

Three Canadians provinces and the Premiers who run them have now taken a stand. First came Blaine Higgs of New Brunswick, who initiated Policy 713 earlier in the year.

“Despite blowback from the legacy media and leftist politicians, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, New Brunswick’s Education Minister Bill Hogan says he’s committed to the decision to require parental consent for gender transitions at school.”

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  1. Wait until they start criminalizing anti-pedo agenda garbage. They are already throwing people in jail for not calling kids by their ‘preferred pronouns’ (But what do you expect when most kids now have a dozen active prescriptions on-the-go to fry their brains by the time they reach 12-years-old?). This agenda will not go quietly. They will double-down on this; Waste more funding, hold more events, change laws, stick more of this on TV, net, any place where they force us plebs to watch it.

    Now that it’s coming out that every appointed judge these days all have to pay a fee to the Lieberal Party (and the Potato Dictator), the court system is becoming increasingly useless.