Donald Trump is set to easily become the GOP nominee in 2024.

Chris Nelson, independent reporter covering Florida politics, is here to talk about the unlikely rise of Vivek Ramaswamy.

Vivek is reportedly very close to Jared Kushner.
Kushner is regarded as the man who did the most damage and sabotage to President Trump’s first term.
The World Economic Forum named Vivek a “young global leader”.
He is also deeply tied to Big Pharma and their crimes against humanity.
In 2020, Vivek praised the fake anti-American Juneteenth holiday but now he has become a critic.
What are Vivek Ramaswamy’s real political aspirations?
Vivek received a scholarship from George Soros’ brother to pay for his schooling.
Vivek also sounds like an A.I. version of what normie boomer conservatives want to hear.
No one should consider Vivek Ramaswamy a serious candidate for President.
He is only telling people what they want to hear.

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