Pictured, Justin Trudeau and Pierre Trudeau, the two individuals most responsible for China’s infiltration of Canadian society.

The demise of democracy in Canada began with ex-Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

by Brad Slazberg


August 23, 2023

“When will Prime Minister Justin Trudeau call a public inquiry into Chinese interference in Canadian elections? Answer: never, if he can help it.”

That the condition of federal politics has reached its nadir should be obvious to the majority of Canadians. While we’re at it, let’s throw in the degeneration of democratic governance in society.

All this, and much more related to it, is the unsung political melody of the decade. Of those years, Justin Trudeau has been prime minister for eight of them.

Truth is, it was a grim situation before Trudeau Jr. came along to rocket-launch the condition into the political stratosphere. As CAP has alluded to in the past, the decline of democracy in Canada began with ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau.

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