by Michael Baxter

Real Raw News

August 21, 2023

United States Marines on Friday “neutralized” a FEMA convoy that fled fire-stricken Lahaina for Haleakalā National Park, a 33,000-acre wilderness and home to the state’s highest peak, Mount Haleakalā, from where FEMA might have escaped had the Marines not downed a helicopter sent to rescue the federal brigands.

The chase began early Friday morning when a Marine platoon and FEMA had a shootout in the Maui Forest Reserve east of Lahaina Beach. Responding to intelligence reports, the Marines caught FEMA red-handed burying corpses in an earthen grave the feds had excavated with a backhoe. A procession of FEMA agents hauled the bodies of men, women, and children out of an M35 “deuce and a Half” cargo truck and heaped them atop one another as federal supervisors stood around smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee.

The Marines had dismounted a distance away and had crept into FEMA’s AO undetected. FEMA, Real Raw News’ source in Gen. Smith’s office would later say, were more interested in cracking insensitive jokes about the dead than posting lookouts to watch for White Hat forces.

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