Pictured, PM Justin Trudeau feeds his narcissistic personality disorder with ego-material driven by those who perceive him as the world’s woke saviour.

“This would be more than triple, even quadruple, the amount of refugee claimants we would normally have.”

by Brad Salzberg


August 20, 2023

According to CBC News, “they arrive with no work permit and lack the level of federal support afforded to sponsored refugees.”

Most of the claimants arriving at the Ottawa Mission are refugees arriving from Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and Nigeria.

How did Canada’s come to be magically transformed into the number one refugee repository nation in the Western world? Did Canadians actually vote for this?  What is the purpose and/or economic benefit to Canada for functioning as designated “Salvation Army Nation” of the world?

Along with the largest per-capita immigration quota on earth, Canada has managed to get itself locked-in as the first world nation most responsible for the social problems in Africa and the Middle East.

Truth is, it began a long time ago.

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