“It seems Justin Trudeau is just fine with Steven Guilbeault serving Canada and China at the same time.”

by Brad Salzberg


August 19, 2023

This week’s political bombshell in Canada adds fuel to an existing fire. PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Cabinet appears to include politicians working closely with a foreign government accused of interfering in our federal elections.

Multiple media reports this week inform Canadians that Liberal Environment Minister Stephen Guilbeault is currently a member of a Chinese Environment Ministry Board controlled by the government of China.

According to Toronto Sun journalist Brian Lilley, “anyone would be justified in pointing out the foolishness of Guilbeault looking to find an ally in Beijing.

Quite right- anyone would be justified. But no one will make a difference, because no one– as in any element of the general public– can do anything to prevent it. Turns out the Trudeau government are behaving much like the Chinese government.

“We do exactly what he want to do, and the public has zero say in the matter.”

Truth is, a list of affinities between governance in Canada and China has grown exponentially over the eight years that PM Justin Trudeau has been in power. The Canada-China political phenomenon, or more succinctly stated– the Liberal Party-China affiliation— includes a poorly understood partnership between the Liberals and China dating back to the days of Pierre Trudeau.

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