Jagmeet Singh’s NDP Party hold a mere 7% of seats in Parliament while maintaining the power to keep Canada locked in a prison of woke Liberal globalism.

by Brad Salzberg


August 17, 2023

One-Trick Pony


  1. “a person or thing considered as being limited to only one single talent, capability, quality, etc.”

According to the Canadian parliamentary system, a federal party leader acts as the official representative of the party and provides leadership in Parliament. Party leaders, also called floor leaders, serve as the spokesperson for their party’s positions on the issues and coordinate their respective legislative strategies.

What they do not do is work for their direct competitor and the party they hope to replace when forming a federal government.

In this capacity, a pattern has been broken. In PM Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democratic Party, has transitioned his role to that of back-up quarterback for PM Trudeau in his bid to re-weave the social and political fabric of our nation.

Mainstream media won’t tell you, but this is the true meaning of a signed document euphemistically called a “Confidence and Supply” agreement, inked by Trudeau and Singh in late 2022.

CAP has our own interpretation, typically sardonic in presentation. “Confidence” means that Mr. Trudeau can rest reasonably well at night knowing that Jagmeet Singh has guaranteed an extension of neo-communist control of Canada till late 2025.

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