Lack of housing affordability is forcing young adults to flee the cities in which they grew up. Younger Canadians are putting off marriage and waiting longer to have children.

by Brad Salzberg

August 15, 2023

“Everything old is made new again.”

A quote attributed to 1700s author Jonathan Swift, it’s been cited by figures as prominent as Winston Churchill and Mark Twain.

In what serves as one of the greatest political cover-ups in the history of Canada, it appears that PM Justin Trudeau has taken the concept into the deepest recesses of his so-called “heart.”

We refer to a social juxtaposition screaming to be understood throughout Canadian society:

Our prime minister has gone and inverted the social order within our country. Those who have yet to pay a dime in taxes are top priority for government. New arrivals to our nation are placed on a silver platter, while long term citizens languish in shrinking bank account balances.

“Old School” Canadians can go take a walk on the wildside. Trudeau doesn’t give a damn what we want. If possible, the PM would take our entire body politic and throw it in Lake Ontario.

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