Governor Josh Green MD Hawaii

by Mike Adams

Natural News

August 15, 2023

Today’s Brighteon Broadcast features shocking news that the Governor of Hawaii is now calling for the state to confiscate the land in Lahaina, proving that the terrorism waged against the people of Hawaii was always a government land grab (run by Democrats).

In fact, what they did to Lahaina, they are also doing across America as infrastructure is deliberately sabotaged while the federal government builds entire cities for illegal invaders to have a foothold on U.S. soil (to replace the American people, who are being deliberately murdered with vaccines and bioweapons).

Also today: FAMINE 2024: David DuByne warns of devastating crop failures stemming from engineered atmospheric events. We bring you the full analysis of what’s happening to collapsing crop yields and why the outlook for food in 2024 isn’t pretty.

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