by Byron Christopher


August 15, 2023

That’s right. Don’t trust ’em. Be your own editor. Evaluate information from as many sources as possible and decide if you’re getting both sides, the whole story, etc. Chances are, you’re not.

I’m particularly critical of the mainstream [legacy] media. The industry was my livelihood for nearly four decades, winning two national awards for investigative journalism. The MSM has never been perfect, but there was a time when bias was frowned upon — by all outlets. That’s certainly not the case today.

It was glaringly obvious when the Hunter Biden laptop story broke [in the New York Post]. Most MSM outlets ignored it because they knew it would hurt his father’s bid for the US Presidency. That’s called censorship.

Fact-checkers with a once-respected news agency, Reuters, debunked stories questioning the safety of the experimental COVID vaccines. It didn’t seem to matter to staff at Reuters that their CEO was also on the Board of Directors of Pfizer. That’s called a conflict of interest.

Remember the “Russian collusion” story of how the Russians supposedly helped President Donald Trump get elected? It was all a hoax — a scam funded by his political opponent, Hillary Clinton. When the truth finally came out, the MSM media ignored that important story because it didn’t fit their agenda. Nothing happened to Hillary. That’s called fraud.

News organizations shouldn’t take sides or have an agenda. They should be neutral. Western media outlets covering the war in Ukraine should not tell Ukrainian soldiers to hide their swastikas because they look bad. News organizations should not be PR advisors.

I could go on about MSM missteps, and I think I will … how can we forget the CIA caper of how COVID-19 allegedly started in a wet market in Wuhan, China … and how the experimental “vaccine” was safe and effective? Again, the MSM didn’t do its job. The flip side to that important story is that there’s evidence the COVID vaccines are slow-kill bioweapons, threatening to wipe out billions of people. We’ll know the hard truth in a few years [perhaps sooner] when statistics on all-cause mortality are released. The numbers are already rolling in, and they don’t look good. That’s a huge story that’s being ignored.

To sum up, the role of the mainstream media is to INFORM [without bias] so that people can make informed choices. That’s called not doing your job.

I can’t speak for other countries, but in Canada, most MSM organizations are now propped up by the Federal Government — to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Never mind reporters who quietly accepted junkets and failed to report on it; the entire industry is corrupt.

Thankfully there’s now a proliferation of biting and informative memes that mock the legacy media. Here are some. Enjoy!