“All of us are terrified. We sit in our offices afraid we could be next.”

by Brad Salzberg


August 15, 2023

Former Waterloo Police officer and School Board trustee Mike Ramsay has been labelled a “white supremacist.” 

Ramsay, an African-Canadian, is a former friend of now-deceased Waterloo School Principal Richard Blinkzso. Media reports claim that his recent suicide was at least in part motivated by humiliation at the hands of Waterloo Public School Board trustees.

“They don’t want the races getting along,” said Ramsay of the woke WDSB educational agenda.

A nasty piece of work named Kike Ojo-Thompson is leading the charge to advance anti-caucasian sentiment throughout the Toronto District School Board’s plethora of public schools in Ontario.

According to Mr. Bilkzsto’s court claim, the former school principal “was targeted by the KOJO Institute director Kike Ojo-Thompson  as a white supremacist and a ‘weed.’ Not one of his peers rose to his defense.”

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