by Dianne Marshall

Marshall Report

August 14, 2023

Election Fraud, J-6, Liars, Thieves, Communists Versus Truth, Justice and We The People! BOOM!

Our eyes turn to J-6 and the testimony of the Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund and the TRUTH!

We heard him then, and he was shut up and forced to resign. The propaganda pushers shut up anyone with the truth and those inside did everything they could to make sure those with truth were censored. Now the truth is finally told! Are you listening?

The Constitution loving Military is working night and day to arrest the lawless ones! There is a lot that IS TAKING PLACE!

There are doubles on parade. You have to call out the doubles or your mind will easily start accepting the lies. It’s called mind control. It doesn’t work when you discern all things with the Holy Spirit and call out the truth!

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