Pictured, PM Justin Trudeau, the closest thing Canada has had to a reincarnation of Chairman Mao Tse Tung of China.

The Liberal’s social control strategy is directly drawn from Marxist political philosophy, commonly known as Communism.

by Brad Salzberg


August 14, 2023

A recent report from the Investigative Journalism Foundation has revealed that our federal government has hired a number of judges who at some point in their careers have made donations to the Liberal Party of Canada.

“The investigation has prompted a review by the Canadian Judicial Council into Ontario judges who may have continued to make donations to political parties after being appointed.”

Also known as “corruption,” PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberals continue to do what they do best. Systemically, by way of subterfuge, the Feds are working to influence every fundamental element of Canadian society.

Those who study political history have seen it before. Political scientists know the score. Slow and steady does it, as NGO’s, media, academia, lawyers, judges and our court system are transitioned to branches of the ruling government.

Also known as “Communism,” this has been going on since the day Justin Trudeau captured his position as Canadian prime minister in 2015.

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