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HAWAII UPDATES: ”I just got out of a meeting where I was informed by someone in the Mayor’s office about developments that are being kept from the public. I am not a conspiracy theorist and I don’t want to make trouble but here’s what I’ve heard. The amount of fatalities is expected to be more than 500 but less than 1000. Many of the fatalities will be children who were at home because they canceled school, parents were working, and were not there to evacuate the children. The children had no idea they needed to leave and by the time they noticed their homes or apartments were on fire, it was too late. The government is worried about how we will react when we learn that the fire department left the fire earlier in the day and claimed it was 100% contained knowing that the winds were expected to be 70mph by the afternoon. This is against all fire control protocols: The fire department should not have left the original fire unattended. They are scared that the public calls for accountability will be more than they can control and protests and riots will occur. They plan to lock down Lahaina for several months. It will take months to clean up the hazardous and environmental contamination. They won’t have enough housing for all the displaced. There were 2,000 folks unaccounted for this morning. They found 700 today but there are still 1300 missing. They are very worried that the community is going to freak out when they find out how not a single fire truck responded to the sinister. The emergency sirens were not activated (hurricane sirens) and the loss of life could have been kept down by better emergency management which utterly failed. I’m not trying to make waves or stir up problems but I was so angry and sad when I found out how many children are dead that I knew I had to post this and let everyone know what I have learned. It’s time for our officials to stand up, tell the truth, and face the music. They failed Lahaina guys: Our government is full of incompetent nepotism.” – Oahu whistleblower.